• What We Do

    Through popular education, civic engagement and arts & culture, 21 Progress assists emerging leaders – especially young adults and immigrants – to claim their place in building a more just society and reaching their dream and building a 21st century movement for equity and justice.

    Create Thriving Communities

    Empower Fresh Experiences & Events

    Experience and discover something new. A unique learning experience, Fresh Leadership Events center real talk and growth, with inspiring leaders who introduce fresh ideas on activism, know your rights, opportunity for all, hustling, and more.


    Spring Events are open for enrollment now!

    Develop Diverse Leaders

    Support Bold Leaders

    Mentorship and internships rooted in whole self empowerment & real life experiences is movement building. We develop leaders through our Bold Leadership and Bold Summer Internship programs. Bold leaders are connected to the movement, the issues, and have deep awareness of their power and purpose.

    Inspire Change Through Action

    Engage in Bold Action

    Leadership is an action and movement building leadership comes from Bold Action. Bold Action projects are led and executed by community leaders with the support of experienced community organizers. Action projects are rooted in inspiring and creating political and cultural change. Learn about our current & open projects to get involved.

  • What we care about

    Justice work comes in many forms and is always intersectional. The following issues are described individually, however we see them as interconnected. We apply this intersectional lens to all our work and programs. In addition to the below, our team also incorporates a gender, race, and identity lens that seeks to end inequality and create shared power..



    Each of us must make a choice to find out how we will be true to our values.

    Collective Power

    The responsibility to come together and take action on the issues we care.

    Community Building

    The right to envision, organize, and create thriving communities.

    Equity For All


    The right to experience good love, healthy choices, and second chances.

  • Why Leadership Development?

    We Were Built For It

    Our diverse leaders are made up of people of color, immigrants, undocumented people, queer folks, people with disabilities, working class and rural and small town, people in the Pacific Northwest. We carry the deep wisdom, resiliency, and determination of our ancestors. Despite the continuous threats to our existence, people of color- especially youth- continue to find ways to exist, create, cultivate, and thrive. Our ability to thrive continues to depend on our ability to take on challenges, face fears, and love deeply.

    It's Our Right

    For us, leadership isn't a theory in a book. Leadership is a means of surviving and thriving, an essential skill cultivated in the fight for liberation, beautifully practiced, and shared. To deny anyone of the right to lead, is to deny them true liberation. We must holistically invest in people of color to uplift their natural abilities, support their autonomy, and close the opportunity gap.

    The Time Is Now

    Many of today's solutions for creating thriving communities and ending inequality focus on basic needs and politics. While these solutions are important, they are not enough alone. We need to identify and develop the skills of our people if we want to create thriving communities. Now more than ever, we need strong and compassionate leaders willing to rise up, inspire change, and unapologetically pursue the world we hope for.