• Meet Summer 2017's Fresh Event Facilitators

    Sakin Isaq

    Womxn of Color, First generation immigrant, Unafraid

    Facilitator Style: Inquisitive, reflective and analytical. I'm all about understanding how the systems we are part of shape and disempower us. I ask a lot of questions in order to breakdown the complexities and see how systems of oppression are interconnected. I believe in people reflecting on their experiences and participating fully. The more you articulate your life stories and values, the stronger your personal power and voice grow.


    Fresh Events: Tales of a Young Worker


    Fun Fact: I believe aliens exist.



    Michel Baños Garcia

    Womxn of Color, Intersectional Feminist, Student - Activist, Community Organizer, First-Generation Immigrant

    Facilitator Style: I love engaging folks and creating comfortable environments so that conversations go where they need to. I am informal, honest, and real about life and honor folks as experts of their own experiences and struggle. I offer the information I have in easy and interactive ways.


    Fresh Events: Finding the Balance: Being Undocumented & Doing Undocumented Work, I Graduated, Now What?


    Fun Fact: I can finish a whole bag of Hot Cheetos (with actual lime) in one sitting if I'm not careful.


    Tran Tonnu

    Queer, Vietnamese American, Artist, Writer, Activist

    Facilitator Style: I love creating conversations that dig deep at the issues. I do this by asking meaningful questions and following up with your answers. It is important to me that everyone gets a chance to speak and feel seen. I want to honor your identities and make sure that you can bring your whole selves in the space.


    Fresh Events: Widening the Dialogue: Understanding the Experience of Undocumented Asian and Pacific Islander Folx


    Fun Fact: I love to swim! I don’t do well with scary movies!

    Devan Leigh Brunett-Rogers

    Black, Queer, Artist, Genderless, Lover of Love

    Facilitator Style: My Facilitation Style is very interactive and high energy. As a facilitator I am knowing that my role is not to talk at an audience, but to acknowledge the wisdom in the room and understand perspectives that are not my own. I do this by asking questions, encouraging audience participation, and reminding people that everyone in the room is a leader, a teacher, and a facilitator, in their own ways.


    Fresh Events: Centering Ourselves: Womxn* In the Workplace


    Fun Fact: I have raised 18+ kittens before I was 11 years old.

    Wendy S. Martinez Hurtado

    Visionary, Creator, Defiant, Rooted in my Mexican and Undocumented Identities

    Facilitator Style: Exploratory and Participative. I love to ask questions and explore the audiences' experiences and ideas. It is important for me to honor the wisdom in the room, be and ask others to be vulnerable and brave in those spaces.


    Fresh Events: Finding the Balance: Being Undocumented & Doing Undocumented Work, I Graduated, Now What?


    Fun Fact: Ran my first 1/2 marathon in 2:45 hours without training!

    Daniela Murguia

    Xingona, Muxer, Rooted

    Facilitator Style: Listener, Connector, Insightful. I am big on letting the audience making the space their own and guiding the dialogue. I love centering folx’s voices and amplifying their opinions and experiences. I like to make connections, to deep listen, and to create insightful and moving narratives.


    Fresh Events: Undocu Youth Dialogue: Educate, Agitate, and Organize


    Fun Fact: I refuse to eat cup of noodles without tapatio and limon!



    Maria G. Jimenez

    Cis Female, Mexican, Undocumented

    Facilitator Style: Engaging, friendly, and chill. I enjoy community centered settings, and as a facilitator I value creating a sense of community within the space. I love interacting with the audience and actually prefer questions during the facilitation rather than leaving them at the end, because I truly believe that conversations are more valuable for the growth of the audience and for me as the facilitator.


    Fresh Events: Raise Your Voice, Protect Yourself: Labor Rights for Undocumented Workers


    Fun Fact: I was born in Mexico City. My 6th birthday was the first birthday I celebrated in the U.S.



    Marissa Vichayapai

    Feminist, Organizer, Thai American, Explorer, Crafter, Human

    Facilitator Style: I'm engaging, interactive, and relational. I put in lots of time and intention during the planning process, and I'm impulsive while executing. I go with the flow, engage sincerely, while determined to hit all the bullet points.


    Fresh Events: Tales of A Young Worker


    Fun Fact: I started public speaking after college, and had only discovered my knack for it a few years ago.

    Mozart Guerrier

    Executive Director, 21 Progress

    Facilitator Style: Impulsive, creative, funny, experiential. Check out this TEDx talk: Building trust is the secret to lasting change: http://bit.ly/TrustTEDx


    Fresh Events: Storytelling: Self, Us, and Now


    Fun Fact: I'm a soccer dad from the East Coast.