• BOLD Leaders: A Mentorship Program

    A unique mentorship program for leaders of libration and justice.

    Personalized Leadership Profiles

    Leaders build their self awareness using our favorite leadership tools and assessments. The materials offer surface level information, while reflection and relationships with mentors deepen awareness and growth of their own leadership style and complexity of self. Prepare to engage in an exploration, discovery & reflection.

    Real Talk, Real Life Mentorship

    Monthly meet-ups with mentors and community peer leaders. Meet-ups are not about building your resume or applications; instead we center the whole individual and mentor with a commitment to uplift each person's power and purpose. Through exploration & reflection we seek to create a space where leaders can wrestle with what it means to lead for love and liberation.

    Life Long Support

    Upon graduating from the program, Bold Leaders join a diverse network of people who are committed to fighting for liberation. Bold Leaders enjoy annual meet-ups, opportunities to connect with others, and special workshops.

  • Interested in becoming a bold leader?

    Interested in becoming a Bold Leader? Currently, mentee spots are by invitation only as we explore and refine this new program. Check back in Fall 2017 for new information.

  • The 2017 Cohort of BOLD Leaders

    We're proud to introduce our first cohort of Bold Leaders engaged in our mentorship program! Check back often as we build upon their leadership profiles and share their stories through the program.

    Ximena Perez Rivero

    Social Justice Advocate, Aspiring Activist, Curious

    My power is my will in trying new things to expand my mind and perspective, which in turn will provide me with endless opportunities, as a leader, to create opportunities to those who do not have opportunities.


    My purpose is to create change in a society full of minorities who are affected by policies and societies that hinder them from reaching their full potential selves. It is my duty to help those who are marginalized, find a path to self-pride and partake in the fight for our humanity.


    Mujer, Mamá, Esposa, Caminante De Este Sendero Que Voy Haciendo Día a Día

    Desde niña he tenido vocación de servicio y es por eso que las siguiente frases me han guiado y son mis estandartes SERVIR ES EL ARTE SUPREMO Y EL QUE NO VIVE PARA SERVIR, NO SIRUE PARA VIVIR. ¡Me gusta servir mas no soy sirviente de nadie!

    Y como mujer y mamá creo que una mujer no puede cambiar el mundo sola, pero si puede guiar a una familia y así poner mi granito de arena para cambiar el mundo.

    Gabriella Ibanez-Dacruz

    Multiracial Womxn of Color, Intersectional Feminist, Dreamer, Organizer, and All Heart

    My power is my unconditional love, care, and openness to the people around me. I live my life knowing that I put everything I have; mind, body, and soul, giving it all I’ve got no matter what the outcome.


    My purpose is to be present, be active, and be vocal no matter what because I want to be a part of the changes I desire to see in my communities. I am dedicated to the marginalized groups in our society; workers, people of color, immigrants, and women who are part of the struggle every day of their lives because I too have the same experiences in life. I am compelled to support them, find myself, find my voice, and support a path to a better tomorrow for everyone.

    Jueun Park

    Legal Assistant, Advocate, Thinker, Feminist

    My power comes from dedication and loyalty. I stay focused to influence others and bring justice in our communities.


    My purpose is to create justice and order in our society and provide opportunities for people of marginalized communities.

    Mya Johnson

    Rainier Scholar, High School Student, Artist

    My power is being able to listen to other people and staying open-minded when it comes to people who see things differently than I do.


    My purpose is to spread awareness of the inequalities that goes on for people of color by sharing my own personal experience. As an artist I have found that a good way to do this is by sharing my story through art.

    JoLee Melink

    Social Work Major, UW Student, Will Get Things Done

    My power comes from my ability to ignite others to create change through being open minded and finding meaning in everything and encouraging them to do the same.


    My purpose is to provide a gateway for people to change their narrative and the way they think in order create positive change in various systemic issues that exist today.


    UW Bothell Undocu Student Coalition

    Student Leaders Advocating For Change

    Our power lies in our group's diversity & shared community values. Our group's passion for justice, love for our community, and commitment to our vision of liberation bring us together.


    The purpose of UW Bothell Undocu Student Group is to create a safe and educated campus community where undocumented students can focus on their education and personal growth. We wish to overcome challenges, contribute to the undocumented movement, dismantle the Dreamer narrative, highlight our intersectionality, speak our truth, and build a legacy.

    More Leader Profiles Coming Soon...

  • What is BOLD LEADErship?

    Bold leaders are individuals who embody the following characteristics in their intention and actions.

    Pursue Liberation

    Seek to understand the realities facing themselves and communities and engage in transformative cultural and community change.

    Accept Challenge

    Persist through personal, collective, and historical challenges and finds solutions that never betray their values.

    Courageous Curiousity

    Are vulnerable and are willing to learn, question, and explore their drerisks and face fears to authentically engage and connect with the community around them.

    Explore Wisdom

    Explore the inner wisdom and the wisdom of the world they cultivate the insight of elders and peers

    Create Belonging

    Honor culture and celebrate community while taking responsibility for supporting the safety, welfare and unity of a community.

    Lead With Compassion

    Promote grace, generosity, and trusting in the spirit of giving second chances.

  • BOLD Mentors

    Meet the talented and diverse team of mentors who support our leaders in their growth, development and projects.

    Michel Baños Garcia

    Womxn of Color, Intersectional Feminist, Student - Activist, Community Organizer, First-Generation Immigrant

    Story of Self: I am a first generation Mexicana womxn who came to the United States with my family at the age of two. Holding all of my identities at once has brought me both lots of challenges and love in life while working toward my goals. One of my firmest beliefs is that my time and energy is precious. Dedicating it only to the things and people I love is how I love myself.


    Mentorship Style: I believe that growth is a community effort. Building relationships through sharing space and conversations about self-identity, power, knowledge and struggle is how you discover what kind of leader you are. I am honest and embrace moments of failure with the hope of being a resource to other folks who want to grow.


    Power: Driven and dedicated. I give my all to the things that feel good to not just myself but to everyone else as well.


    Purpose: To build space where space has never been given & to help recognize love and community power.


    Wendy S. Martinez Hurtado

    Visionary, Creator, Defiant, Rooted in my Mexican and Undocumented Identities

    Story of Self: I am the living legacy of Dolores, Isabel, Maria del Refugio and Jose. I am the daughter of Luis and Areli. I would not be or do what I do if it weren't for the lives that have impacted mine. Early on, I learned that spaces weren't created with people like me or those who I love in mind. I defy and will continue to challenge this reality until the dignity of our lives is fully acknowledged and honored.


    Mentorship Style: I am deeply invested in walking and learning alongside you.


    Power: Comes from questioning myself and my environment,


    Purpose: Show up for myself and my community with borderless & unconditional love, bold compassion, and fearless action so that I honor the power, resistance, dignity and legacy of my roots.


    Allison Masangkay

    Filipino-American queer student, creative, social justice advocate, and Pharrell enthusiast

    Story of Self: "Feelings are the only facts." -Kanye West


    Mentorship Style: As a mentor, I show my love and support by being critical and asking deep, thoughtful questions—both to myself and others. I strive to be an active listener who can offer honest feedback and, ultimately, help people define the truths that shape their own stories of resistance and transformation.


    Power: I practice creative and sincerity to connect with people around me, through art (DJing, dance, design, visual art, and more), thoughtfully-placed emojis, gifs depicting dogs and/or pizza, and conversations over good food.


    Purpose: I'm motivated by "that which is missing." To me, this idea says people need to either (1) create new things or (2) support marginalized and underrepresented people, ideas, and perspectives so that they are no longer perceived as "missing."

    Marissa Vichayapai

    Organizer, Crafter, Feminist, Thai-American, Curious Explorer

    Story of Self: Born in Bangkok, Thailand, my family immigrated to the US when I was 1 years old. Growing up in a patriarchal, working class family with high expectations, limited support and lots of care, I learned to hide or repackage my most precious gifts: my curiosity, determination, and sensitivity. Reclaiming my gifts as an adult was/is a journey in rediscovering who I am and loving that person fully. To me, life is about experiencing everything it has to offer and giving back to it 10x over.


    Mentorship Style: I'm a patient and caring listener who seeks to understand you and your needs, and will then aggressively challenge you to pursue your dreams and goals. I love working with folks who are hungry for growth and/or those who know where they want to go but need support getting there.


    Power: Brave and sensitive, I push the limits to courageously pursue my dreams of liberation, joy, and love through meaningful connection and community organizing.


    Purpose: To shift cultural narratives that divide us in order to create a more inclusive and just community.